How to Pick an Arabic Program

December 19, 2016

Hvilke råd ville du give til en der kommer for at studere arabisk i Beirut?

Kan du fortælle os lidt om dig selv? (såsom.. hvor er du fra? Hvad laver du her? Hvordan fandt du på at vælge ALPS? Studerede du levantisk arabisk eller moderne standardarabisk?) Jeg er fra Arhus og studerer Arabisk- og Islamstudier. Jeg er i Libanon som et led i uddannelsen, hvor […]
December 13, 2016

Quel conseil donneriez-vous à quelqu’un qui viendrait apprendre l’Arabe à Beyrouth?

Pouvez-vous nous parler un peu de vous? (Par exemple … D’où êtes-vous? Que faites-vous dans la vie? Comment avez-vous choisi ALPS? Avez-vous étudié l’arabe libanais parlé ou l’arabe standard moderne?) Je suis de Toulouse. J‘étudie le droit et les Sciences Politiques. Une amie qui a étudié ici l’année dernière m’a […]
December 6, 2016

Vilka tips skulle du ge någon som kommer till Beirut för att plugga arabiska?

Kan du berätta lite om dig själv? Jag heter Yasmeen och kommer ifrån Sverige. Just nu jobbar jag lite extra men vill så snart som möjligt börja studera på universitetet. Eftersom min pappa ursprungligen kommer ifrån Syrien men tyvärr aldrig lärde mig arabiska har det varit en dröm sedan barnsben. […]
December 11, 2015

ALPS Beirut Language School Reviews

We recently asked our former students to share why they chose to study Arabic at ALPS Beirut. Here are the most common factors that mattered to them when selecting an Arabic language program. Is this the type of Arabic program you are looking for? If so, contact us in the […]
December 4, 2015

Why we love small class sizes

Did you know that the average class size at ALPS Beirut is 3 students? We believe this creates a win win for both our teachers and students. Small classes allow our teachers to connect personally with each student and be able to address questions and topics that interest each class. […]
October 6, 2015

Advice from Students Before You Study Arabic Abroad

I studied abroad in Jordan the summer after my sophomore year at OU. It was great and I feel like I learned a ton but there were definitely parts that could have been improved. We had a class on MSA and a class on spoken Arabic. The majority of the […]
March 26, 2014

What is the difference between Modern Standard Arabic and Spoken Arabic?

Arabic is the official language of 22 countries, stretching from the Arabian peninsula up to Syria, and across North Africa, and is spoken by over 200 million people. These peoples and countries use Modern Standard Arabic in news broadcasts, legal documents, official speeches, books and newspapers. Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) […]
March 5, 2014

Why students love our small class sizes

1. More chances to speak Arabic You have more opportunities to practice your speaking in class and you’ll get more feedback from your teacher so you can improve faster. 2. It’s more personal You have the chance to get to know your teacher and she will be able to better […]
October 14, 2013

Is Beirut, Lebanon a good place to study Arabic?

The answer is…it depends. Yes if you are a lady There is a consensus among our female students that it is more comfortable to live in Beirut and study Arabic compared to countries like Egypt or Jordan. In general, the men will take less notice of you here and there […]