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What to pack, information about buses in Beirut, taking a taxi from the airport and staying in Lebanon.

July 12, 2017

How much should you tip in Beirut?

This is a question everyone asks when they arrive to Lebanon. Giving a tip, or bakhshish in Spoken Lebanese Arabic, is pretty common here, but the amount you tip depends on the situation. Let’s go through the most common situations you will find yourself in: eating out Let’s say you […]
June 9, 2017

Uber in Beirut? If and when you might want to take an Uber instead of a service or taxi in Lebanon

Can Uber work in Lebanon? Before we begin, you should know that this post is based on personal experience and is not endorsed by ALPS or sponsored by Uber. Also Uber in Lebanon may have changed after the date of this post.  In Beirut, Uber is a bit different. First […]
June 5, 2013

How to get to Hamra in Beirut (by Bus, Service or Taxi)

There are a few ways to get to Hamra where ALPS Beirut is located. LL1000 Take Bus #4 This is a good option if you are coming from near Beirut Mall or Sodeco. It can be crowded (Bus 4 is more of a van than a bus), but the price […]
October 5, 2012

Taking a day trip (mashwar) in Lebanon

If you are staying in Beirut for more than a few days make sure you take a day and leave the noise and the traffic behind and go to the mountains, the beach or a river. There are many places to go that aren’t too far from Beirut. If you would […]