How to Pick an Arabic Program

What is the best country and Arabic language program for you in the Middle East? Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to go? Take a look at these questions to consider with links from some of our most helpful and popular posts…

Do you want to study Spoken Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), or both?

Most university programs in the region are strong in MSA, but much weaker than private centers in Spoken Arabic. This is because most universities in the West focus on reading Arabic and not speaking it. Here’s a few posts to help you figure out what to study before you consider where to study:

At ALPS Beirut we offer personal class sizes and private tutoring for MSA and Spoken Lebanese Arabic.

What has been the experience of other people like me when studying Arabic abroad?

Over the years, we have students from different ages, countries and backgrounds at ALPS Beirut. Here’s some of their advice to you.

What country will you study Arabic in?

Here’s a few posts on what it’s like to study Arabic in different countries and what you can expect in Beirut:

What is the class size?

So hopefully by now you have a better idea of what you are looking for. One question that many students forget to ask is about the class size of the Arabic language program. Here’s some thoughts on that:


Take a moment to let us know what you are looking in your Arabic studies and see if ALPS Beirut is right for you:

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