July 25, 2012

Around the word حقّ:

At ALPS our program is built on teaching you common and practical words and phrases right from the beginning.  Here is an example of one small word and how it is used in different circumstances. You are right: معك حقّ You have the right: إلك حقّ You are right and […]
May 3, 2012

MSA Summer Classes Now Forming

Small Group Classes using Al-Kitaab fi Ta3allum-al3rabiyya Vol. I, II & III Classes will be in June, July and August and formed around your needs and your schedule.  To start or continue your studies in MSA with Al-Kitaab this summer, contact us now on the blog on via e-mail to reserve […]
March 7, 2012

What visa do I need to travel in Lebanon?

Option 1-Get one at the Airport When you fly to Lebanon a tourist visa is automatically included with your ticket. After your first month in Lebanon you can extend your visa for another 2 months. ALPS will certify that you are studying Arabic and provide the necessary documentation to extend […]
March 2, 2012

What are you doing this summer?

ALPS is now enrolling students for full time intensive classes during the summer. Each class is 3 hours a day 5 days a week.  Level 1A begins with learning to write and pronounce the alphabet in both MSA and Spoken Lebanese and the most useful phrases and concepts in Spoken Lebanese.  Level […]
February 8, 2012


You have most likely learned that the work kheyr is the equivalent of good in English. However, there are so many ways to use kheyr in Spoken Lebanese that it makes the word difficult to simply define without knowing the context. Hopefully when you listen to this recording by the […]
January 25, 2012

ALPS Partners with Universities

ALPS is pleased to announce its recent partnership with universities in the United States. Together we are working to give students the opportunity to learn Spoken Arabic while in Beirut. Arabic programs at universities are rapidly growing across the US and Europe. However, most of these universities offer MSA classes […]
January 6, 2012

Beginners Class Starting Monday the 16th

Sign up now for a 6 weeks class that will introduce you to Spoken Lebanese.  This is a very practical course that will help you speak Arabic in Beirut from Day 1. Dates: January 16 to February 24. Class hours: 8:00-10:00 AM 5 days a week Price: $8/hour Contact us on the blog […]
December 2, 2011

walaw? ولو

Walaw literally means “and even if.” It is one of those little phrases in Spoken Lebanese that can convey a number of different things. Listen to what some of the ALPS staff had to say when asked how they use “walaw.” You’ll hear the phrase used to express frustration, amazement, […]
November 4, 2011

Furnished Apartment for Rent

shi2a2 mafruusheh lil iijar (furnished apartment for rent) is an important phrase to know when coming to Lebanon.  Furnished apartments are a great option to save money and stay comfortably while you are in Beirut.  You can also join this facebook group for furnished apartments in various areas within Beirut.  These apartments are […]