From Our Students

What Our Students Have to Say:

“ALPS exceeded my expectations in both quality and rewards. ALPS provides an atmosphere that is conducive for learning a new language, it is professional, comfortable, and dedicated to each individual.” JAH

“I walked into ALPS not knowing a word of Arabic. Now, three months later, I have the confidence to hold a conversation with native Arabic speakers. My ALPS teachers are energetic, friendly, and — most important of all — patient. I would recommend ALPS to anyone looking to improve their knowledge of Arabic.” DK

“I sincerely could not have hoped for a better course. The whole staff is extremely helpful and friendly, my teachers are very professional, the best I could hope for, and the lessons are proceeding very well. I’m overall very satisfied with the arabic course!” FM

“I had a great experience at ALPS – my teachers were friendly, enthusiastic, and took a genuine interest in my improvement on a week to week basis. The emphasis on studying Spoken Lebanese was also something I liked and I thought the ALPS textbooks were very good and instructive aids to learning. Additionally the small class sizes is a massive plus in speeding up the learning curve as it means that you get a higher degree of personal interaction with your teacher and classmates than you would in a larger class.”  MA

“Thank you very much for such a rich and comprehensive course at ALPS. The on-on-one tuition was very intense, which was what I was looking for, and my progressed has allowed me to continue with the language now I am back home. It added another dimension to my trip to Lebanon and I doubt I could have appreciated the country properly without the language skills that I learnt.”  DC

“Thank you very much for the organization of the 2 weeks in Lebanon! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!! Everything has been perfectly organized and I had not a single negative experience although traveling through the whole country.”
CG, Austria

“Thanks for making great courses!” VB, Sweden

“The journey as a whole was fantastic, the language course very effective. I had a very good, competent and patient teacher who was always aware of my demands…As I mentioned to you before, I considered the journey pretty well organized, so that I can only thank you a lot for your kind work! (I guess the last point goes to you, Joelle. Thanks!”
TH, Germany

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